Steam train & Mussels

September 26 2020
untill September 26 2020

Traveling by steam train to a delicious mussel meal!

You travel from Goes with an old-fashioned steam train to Hoedekenskerke, where a delicious mussel meal is served!


16.30 Doors open at our museum grounds in Goes. You can walk around the museum grounds and visit the Engine Shed (workshop) and the weigh bridges.

17.30 Your train departs from Goes. Please make sure you arrive at the platform well before departure time

18.05 The train arrives in Hoedekenskerke, terminus. In “De Buffer”, next to the station, we serve a delicious mussel meal (alternative: Satay menu or children’s menu).

20.00 Your train leaves from Hoedekenskerke, back to Goes. Please make sure you board the train well before departure time.

20.35 The train arrives in Goes, end of the journey.

20.45 Museum grounds close.


Train ride:

€ 59.00 per private compartment. (Members of the same household may be seated in a compartment). See the explanation about compartments on the page Rates & Tickets


  • Mussels with fries, sauces and salad: € 17.50
  • Satay menu with satay sauce, prawn crackers, fries, mayonnaise, salad: € 15.00
  • Children’s menu of fries, apple sauce, mayonnaise, croquette or frikandel: € 5.00

Drinks and desserts are not included in the price.

How to book:

You can book online via the Rates & Tickets page. You first choose a compartment there and in the next step you select the desired menus.

Drinks and desserts can be ordered and paid for in the restaurant on the evening itself.