The steamtrain stops at the red stations only!
The railcar stops at both the red and the black stations.
See time table for the operating days of the different train types.

A visit to the past
A ride on the steam train from Goes through Kwadendamme to the scenic village of Hoedekenskerke will take you back to the past: the days of the railroads of the thirties.

The railway of the steamtrain Goes-Borsele crosses the beautiful landscape of the province of Zeeland. Sitting on wooden benches in third class or on the luxurious pluche in first or second class you will enjoy a relaxed train ride in a nostalgic atmosphere.

On the blue and violet days in the time table, we also provide a railcar service with our nostalgic railcar. This train not only stops in Goes, Kwadendamme and Hoedekenskerke, but also at the stations of `s-Gravenpolder=`s-Heer Abtskerke, Nisse and Baarland.

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