Halloween Express

November 1 2024
untill November 2 2024

Here it is again, the Halloween Express, the horror train through South Beveland! Tremble with us on the ghostly train through the dark night …

Of course the train is spooky decorated and it’s going to be a scary train ride! You never know which creeps you will encounter on the way! In Hoedekenskerke, we will of course continue to be scared. If you manage to survive all that, you can also go back to Goes, but don’t think that it will be a quiet journey back ….

Are you going to get creepy with us?


  • 19.00: Doors open at our museum grounds in Goes. From here on, it starts to haunt!
  • 19.45: Your train departs from Goes. Please make sure you arrive at the platform well before departure time. It will be a spooky journey! Are you brave enough?
  • 20.30: The train arrives in Hoedekenskerke, terminus. Here we continue our spooky journey through the park. In ‘De Buffer’ you can take a break and buy a drink.
  • 21.45: Your train leaves from Hoedekenskerke, back to Goes. Please make sure you board the train well before departure time.
  • 22.30: The train arrives in Goes, end of the journey.
  • 22.45: Museum grounds close.

Programme details still subject to change.


Tariff to follow later

Ticket sales:

Ticket sales will start in mid-September

Age recommendation:

The Halloween Express is not a children’s programme. Bringing children is at your own risk. Children may find it too scary. In any case, we recommend not bringing children under 12 years old. However, we cannot give 100% advice, as it strongly depends on the person.

Lights and sound:

Loud sounds and bright light effects may be played during the Halloween programme.