Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions

We offer public train journeys on around 80 days a year. Anyone is welcome to ride along. See our Timetable page. The coloured days in the calendar are running days.

There are no public train rides on the white days, but groups can rent a private train. We will draw up a tailor-made program. See the page Your own train.

Because we are first and foremost a travelling museum, please check the Timetable to see when our train is running.

On the days the train runs, our museum grounds in Goes are also open:

From 10.00-17.30 on yellow days of the timetable.

From 16.30-17.30 on violet and green days (for passengers only) 

See our Museum page for more information.

In 2020, different rates apply. Please see our Rates & Tickets page for our rates.

3rd class used to be for the ‘common people’. This class has lacquered wooden or leatherette-covered benches.

1st and 2nd class used to be for well-to-do citizens. The benches have plush upholstered cushions. The seats here are also more spacious than in 3rd class.

In 2020, you will not book individual tickets, but a private compartment. Please refer to the reservation module on the Rates & Tickets page for descriptions of each compartment.

Yes, in 2020 a reservation is mandatory due to the COVID-19 situation. Please refer to the reservation module on the Rates & Tickets page

Please note: There will be no railcar journeys in 2020 due to COVID-19.

There is plenty to do. You can visit our museum grounds and workshop before your train ride. Along the way, you can alight at various stations to visit other fun attractions, or to go walking or cycling. Catering options are also available at the main stations. Combine different activities to complete your day trip.

Please visit Experience more for all the possibilities along the railway line.

Please note: in 2020, due to the changed timetable as a result of COVID-19, our advice is to visit only Hoedekenskerke by train. We suggest you visit the attractions at other stations later, separately, by car.

In 2020, you will only be able to buy tickets online using the reservation module on the Rates & Tickets page

No, in 2020, you can only book and pay online, due to COVID-19. See the Rates & Tickets page.

If you want to board in Goes, we recommend arriving half an hour before departure. This will give you plenty of time to make your way to the platform across the extensive museum grounds.

Feel free to come even earlier. See the times of your reservations.

We regret that in 2020, transport of wheelchair users (and other limited mobility passengers who can only alight by lift) will unfortunately not be possible as we are unable to provide assistance while observing the required social distancing.