Rates & Tickets

The steam train only stops at the red stations! No train service at the black stations until further notice.

Rates & Tickets

Book a private compartment! Due to Covid-19, in 2020 we are not selling separate train tickets. You can, however, book a private compartment for yourself and your family or housemates. A safe way to travel, in other words!

The rate for a compartment is € 59.00. This buys a return trip to travel from Goes to Hoedekenskerke and take the next train back. The program includes a 1h20m stay in Hoedekenskerke, so you can enjoy the renovated restaurant, our mini train and other attractions, and the view over the mighty Western Scheldt estuary.

Note on our rates:

  • The compartment rate includes access to the museum grounds. Restaurants, the mini train and other attractions are not included.
  • Compartments are available in a variety of sizes, to accommodate small and large families. The compartments also vary in terms of comfort. The same rate of € 59.00, applies to all compartments. Please note that you can only travel in a compartment together if you are part of the same household, for example, a family with children who live at home. The reservation module below has a description of all our compartments.
  • The central government’s definition of ‘household’ applies: “A household is understood to mean spouses, registered partners or other life partners and parents, grandparents and children, provided they live at the same address. Residential groups, homes and student houses are, therefore, not considered as one household.”
  • Exception: Because children up to the age of 12 are not required to maintain social distance, households are allowed to bring children up to the age of 12 from another household.
  • Exception: In the ‘large standard compartment’, TWO households are allowed to sit together. Both households must maintain a distance of 1.5 metres. You may only use the seats as indicated by the information stickers in the compartment.
  • Once purchased, tickets cannot be returned or exchanged, and amounts paid will not be refunded.
  • There is no need to wear face masks on board the trains. We do not fall under the public transport protocol, but under the museum protocol. The core of this protocol is to maintain a safe distance.
  • Travelers can bring strollers on board for free. These are transported in the luggage car. Please lift your stroller from the platform into the luggage car (and vice versa). Our employees will stow the stroller in the luggage car. When you alight, they will put it back in the doorway ready for you to collect. Disinfectant is available.
  • We are unable to transport wheelchairs and bicycles in 2020.
  • Compartments on the train can only be booked online in advance. We are unable to sell tickets on site.
  • Dogs are allowed, but only on the floor or on your lap. Dogs are not allowed to sit on the seats.
  • Our General Terms and Conditions, Visit and Travel Rules apply to all visits, trips and transactions.

Vrijkaarten, donateurskaarten, medewerkerspassen kun je in 2020 helaas niet gebruiken. Bewaar je vrijkaart goed! Actuele vrijkaarten kunnen nog t/m 2025 gebruikt worden.