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Are you a Museumkaart (Dutch Museum Card) holder? If so, you have the following choices:

  • Free: Day ticket or Afternoon ticket full route 3rd class
  • Day ticket full route 1st/2nd class: € 8.00 (Child 4-12 years: € 5.00) (You only pay the price difference between 3rd class and 1st/2nd class)
  • Afternoon ticket full route 1st/2nd class: € 8.00 (Child 4-12 years: € 4.50) (You only pay the price difference between 3rd and 1st/2nd class)


Do reserve a ticket

Even though you travel for free, you do need a ticket. You can order the ticket in the ticket module on this page. Choose a day ticket if you want to leave before 12:30 or choose an afternoon ticket if you want to leave after 12:30. Only if you order a ticket that matches your departure time can we guarantee seats.

Tickets are also available at the ticket office in Goes, but only while stocks last.

Show your Museum Card to the conductor

On the train, the conductor will check your ticket and your Museumkaart. We will need to scan the Museumkaart. If you cannot show your Museumkaart, you will still have to pay the full fare.


The Museumkaart is not valid for dinner rides (buffet, barbecue and mussel rides), Halloween rides and Christmas holiday rides.


The Museumkaart is strictly personal.

  • Adult rates apply to people aged 13+
  • Child rates apply for children aged 4-12.
  • Children under 4 travel free of charge
  • Our railcars only have standard 3rd class seats. (Needless to say, your 1st or 2nd class ticket is also valid in 3rd class).
  • On the steam trains, you will find not only standard 3rd class seats but also luxurious 1st / 2nd class seats.
  • Travellers may bring bicycles, prams and walkers free of charge.
  • Transport of prams, bicycles and walkers exclusively in the luggage area. Please load these yourself and follow the conductor’s instructions.
  • The steam trains have a spacious luggage car. There is limited space in the diesel railcars for prams and rollators. Bicycles cannot be transported in the diesel railcars.
  • The steam trains are equipped with a wheelchair lift in the 3rd class compartment. Would you like to use this lift? Please contact us in advance to make sure there is room in the wheelchair carriage. Available on weekdays at info@destoomtrein.nl or 0113-270705. 
  • If you can leave the wheelchair and board the train yourself, we will transport the empty wheelchair in the baggage car. This only applies to lightweight, non-electric wheelchairs.
  • Secure your ticket by ordering online on this page.
  • As long as stocks last, you can also buy a ticket at our ticket window in Goes or from the conductor. Then it is not possible to make reservations. The ticket window in Goes and the conductor on the train accept cash and debit and credit cards. 
  • Dogs are allowed, but only on the floor or on your lap. Dogs are not allowed to sit on the seats.
  • Groups of at least 20 paying persons get a 20% discount on Goes-Hoedekenskerke day tickets or afternoon tickets. Please contact us in good time (at least two working days in advance), so that we can place a discounted order. Payment is then made via a payment link.
  • Groups of at least 40 paying persons receive a 25% discount on all distances. Contact us in good time (at least two working days in advance), and we will enter an order with a discount. Payment is then made via a payment link.
  • Persons travelling for free or on a discount fare (e.g. with Museum card, free pass, donator card etc. or children under 4 years of age) do not count when determining the group size for the group discount.

Tip: Check out the frequently asked questions page. 

Rates & Tickets

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Tips before you order:

Choose a date first in the calendar below and you will automatically see the available tickets.

Not sure which ticket to choose yet? Then check the train timetable first to see what time you want to leave.

You will see the prices after choosing the ticket. These online prices are 5% lower than the prices you pay at the ticket office or conductor.

The 5% discount does not apply to tickets sold only online: dinner rides, Halloween rides and Christmas holiday rides.

Would you rather see the prices first? Then check out the Rate Overview page.