Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions

General Terms & Conditions, Visiting and travelling rules. Version June 19, 2020

Goes-Borsele Steam Train: ‘The Riding Museum’, wants to offer you a carefree day trip on its grounds and trains. We work almost exclusively with volunteers. It is plain to see that they thoroughly enjoy their hobby. They will be happy to advise you to their best ability and tell you more about our museum. This contributes to a pleasant atmosphere and a relaxed train journey.

Needless to say, there are rules in order to ensure easy booking and your safety as well as ours. In the current times of Covid-19 (‘Corona’) we have a few more rules in place than usual. We have listed all the rules that currently apply for your visit below.

Our volunteers are jointly responsible for enforcing the rules. We ask you to respect these rules, to make your trip a wonderful day out for everyone involved.

In the texts below, ‘SGB’ includes Stichting Stoomtrein Goes-Borsele, Stichting Stoomtrein Goes-Borsele Infrabeheer and SGB Exploitatie BV. Together, these three institutions run our museum.

General Terms & Conditions


A ticket is an admission ticket for trains and/or grounds, on the indicated date and within the specified time slot.

Tickets that only give access to the museum grounds are not valid for train journeys.

If a train ticket has a compartment number, seat number or class designation, the ticket is only valid for the designated place(s). If a ticket does not have such indications, no specific place is designated.

Tickets may be checked several times, i.e. by attendants at the entrance to the grounds, or by conductors on the trains and platforms. This means that you should be able to show your tickets on request throughout your entire visit.

E-tickets may be shown printed or digitally on a screen, for example, on a smartphone. Proper legibility of e -tickets is the ticket holder’s responsibility.

Physical tickets, i.e. purchased at the ticket office or from a conductor, must always be shown in their original form. Copies and images of physical tickets on a screen are not valid.

One purchased, tickets cannot be returned or exchanged and amounts paid will not be refunded.

Visiting and travelling rules


All instructions from our employees regarding order, peace and safety must be followed. The same applies to instructions communicated by means of signs.

Please do not cause any inconvenience or disturbance for your fellow visitors and fellow travellers.

Photography and filming for private use are permitted in publicly accessible areas. Photography and filming in non-public areas are only allowed with prior permission from SGB.

Entering SGB grounds and trains is entirely at your own risk. SGB accepts no liability for any damage suffered as a result of the use of its facilities, grounds and trains.

Parking lots are municipal property and are not SGB’s responsibility.

SGB accepts no liability for loss, damage or theft of your personal belongings or for contamination of your clothing, for example, as a result of contact with lubricated parts of the trains or soot emissions from the locomotives.

On board the trains:

All buggies, other strollers and wheeled walkers are transported in the baggage car.

Transport of bicycles is unfortunately not possible until further notice.

We regret that we are unable to transport wheelchairs until further notice.

Walking or standing on the seats or putting your feet on them is not allowed.

Smoking is not allowed on the trains, including in areas where ashtrays or ‘Smoking’ signs are still present for historical reasons.

Please do not try to board or alight once the conductors have closed the outside doors before departure.

Please not open the exterior doors until the train has come to a complete standstill at a station.

The exterior doors are not locked during the journey. Please keep an eye on your children and do not leave them unattended on the balconies.

The connections between carriages are exclusively intended to pass straight through. Please do not linger there and do not allow children to play there.

Please keep the train clean and deposit your waste in the waste bins on the balconies. Please do not use the ashtrays.

Using the train toilets is not allowed while the train is stationary.

Please only use the train toilets if necessary. Instead, use the toilets at the stations wherever possible.

On the grounds and the entire railway line:

Walking is only allowed on the platforms, roads and public pathways, in other words, not across and between tracks, verges and railway embankments.

Crossing tracks is allowed at level crossings. Please clear level crossings as soon as possible and always give priority to trains.

Cycling on the platforms is not allowed.

Climbing on the equipment and other objects is not allowed.

In the workshop, only the indicated and demarcated public route may be followed.

Specific rules related to Covid-19 (‘Corona’)

Until further notice, the following rules apply in connection with Covid-19:

You can only visit SGB if you do not have any health problems . You are welcome to visit if you and your housemates have been free of symptoms for 24 hours. This is why we ask whether you have symptoms when you make your booking and upon arrival.

Please wash your hands regularly and observe general hygiene rules. Soap and disinfectant gels are available in various locations in our museum.

Access to the SGB site in Goes (and, therefore, the platform in Goes) is only possible via the main entrance on Albert Plesmanweg. The entrances on Van Doornestraat are currently closed. For visitors arriving by public transport, this means a longer walk. Please travel by private transport wherever possible.

Grounds visits and train journeys are only possible if you reserve by booking your ticket online in advance. For a train journey, you will need to book a ticket for a private compartment rather than per person.

If you arrive late and miss your train, SGB is not responsible for arranging alternative transportation. SGB will only offer transportation if a later train with free compartments is available. SGB is not obliged to offer alternative transportation.

Please always keep 1.5 meters distance from our employees and all other persons who are not part of your group.

The number of groups present in the buildings at any one time should not exceed the maximum capacity indicated on site.

On the train, you are only allowed to sit in a compartment with persons from your own group.

In this context, a group means people from the same household or a social unit, such as a family, partners or housemates.

Mandatory walking directions or separate walking directions and waiting zones may be indicated on our grounds and platforms. You must adhere to these directions and zones.

Platforms may have limited access, for example, only to travellers making their way to or from the train. Any instructions given verbally or with signs must be followed.

Boarding the train is only permitted through the door closest to your reserved compartment. Conductors may give instructions on the order of boarding.

After boarding, please close the sliding doors and any interior windows of your compartment and keep them closed during the journey.

For compartments that can only be reached via other compartments, passengers in the rear compartment will be asked to board first, to avoid having to walk through an occupied compartment.

During the train ride, you should stay in your own compartment. Walking through the train is not allowed.

If necessary, you can walk to a train toilet, but only if you can reach a toilet without having to walk through someone else’s compartment. After your toilet visit, you should immediately return to your compartment.

The train crew will give directions on the order of disembarkation. You should always alight through the nearest outside door and you should not pass through compartments that are still occupied.

Once you have exited the train, please leave the platform as quickly as possible.

Reservations are required for restaurant visits (except on the terrace). We will automatically reserve a table for train passengers in restaurant ‘De Buffer’ in Hoedekenskerke. You don’t have to make use of this reservation. For Uitspanning De Goederenloods in Goes, please make your reservation directly with the restaurant.