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Donate via the button below or in the collection box at the carriage in the workshop in Goes. The button allows you to pay directly with PayPal. Any contribution, small or larger, is welcome.

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Restoration C12

The C12 back on track

From 1930, a series of 85 carriages was delivered to the Dutch Railways, designated C12c, where the large ‘C’ stands for 3rd class and the small ‘c’ for closet (toilet). The carriages were made entirely of steel, which was very modern for the time. Each carriage had 98 seats, which was convenient because, after the stock market crash of 1929 and the economic crisis that followed, many travellers preferred to travel in the cheaper 3rd class. In 1966, the last carriage in the series went out of service with NS.

Carriage C6478

This carriage is the C6478, the only preserved carriage from the C12c series and therefore of great historical value. When the carriage was taken out of service at NS, it was given a striking new destination: the carriage was placed at a playground in Utrecht. In 1991 the carriage was removed from there and in 2009 it was included in the collection of the SGB.

Restoration project

From 2023, the carriage will be restored by the volunteers of the SGB in the workshop in Goes. Ultimately, this should lead to a carriage that can once again ride in the steam trains of the SGB in its historic condition. It is a costly project, for which your contribution is more than welcome! Help get this Dutch heritage back on track!