Your own train

Your own train

A group trip, family party, staff outing?

As a group, you can make a reservation for a train that is listed in our public timetable. If this public timetable  does not offer your preferred option, you can rent a private train between April and October (sometimes also in November and December). We will draw up a customised timetable for you. In other words, you are not bound by our regular departure times!

You can rent a real steam train or a diesel railcar, the budget-friendly alternative for smaller groups.

You can combine your train journey with the other attractions, restaurants and walking opportunities near the railway line as you wish. You can transform your train ride into a full day out. We will be happy to advise you on this. Also have a look in the menu under Experience More for a better idea of the possibilities.

Hiring your own train is always customised and usually takes some preparation time. Our advice is to get in touch with us well in advance to discuss the possibilities.

Group visit information brochure

If you want to find out more about a group trip, you may want to read our special brochure about group trips. The brochure (available in Dutch only) contains extensive information about the possibilities for groups, including how to combine your train journey with other attractions and hospitality options. It also contains several pricing examples.

You can request the brochure by telephone +31 (0) 113-270705, or by email at We will send you the brochure by email as a PDF file.